KEIC provides custom open frame power supplies as part of our solutions for your products. We have an extensive background in low and medium power AC/DC and DC/DC reference designs to fill your specific product needs. Typical topologies include:
  • Fly-back variations
  • Forward converter
  • Push Pull
  • Half bridge LLC resonant
  • RCC
Our R&D team has the design expertise and experience to provide full featured, minimal form-factor, cost-effective solutions. We are also familiar with injection molded plastic parts as well as laser cut, bent, stamped and cast metal parts. KEICs engineering team is experienced in working with our OEM customers and ready to help specify:
  • Input requirements
    ·   Universal AC input voltage/wide DC voltage range
    ·   Frequency 47-63 Hz
    ·   Low inrush current
    ·   Active PFC function
    ·   High Efficiency
    ·   Low LEAKAGE current
    ·   No load power consumption < 0.5W
  • Output requirement
    ·   Single, dual, triple or multiple output voltage
    ·   Low ripple + noise
    ·   Line Regulation
    ·   Hold-up time
    ·   Over-voltage protections (OVP), Over-current Protection (OCP)
    ·   Short circuit protection
    ·   100% full load burn-in test
    ·   Withstand voltage test
  • Environmental
    ·   High operating temperature range.
    ·   Wide storage temperature range
    ·   Relative humidity
  • P Compliance
    ·   Safety X UL 60950, EN60950, medical standard UL-60601-1
    ·   EMI meet EN55022, class B and meet EN61000
    ·   Green initiatives (RoHS, WEE, CEC)
KEIC's power supply offering includes:
  • Low and medium power solutions from 5 to 300 watts
  • Single and multiple constant voltage and constant power outputs
  • Harmonic current (power factor) correction above 60 watts (AC powered devices)
  • High efficiency switching topologies (AC/DC up to 90% and DC/DC over 90%)
  • International safety, EMC and green initiative compliance

5 to 100W Open Frame Switching Power Supply, Customized Designs are Welcome
Model Number:KOF Series
OEM contract manufacturing
5 to 100W Open Frame Switching Power Supply, OEM/ODM Orders are Welcome